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Business Problem

Networks require better monitoring.

Tools Used

  • SentiLAN


  • Identify network problems before they become an issue.
  • Reduce business impact of network problems.

Air Conditioning Failure

Using SentiLAN's environmental monitoring modules, we were able to detect the failure of the air conditioning unit in a customer's server room.

Combining metrics from the UPS battery temperature, internal server temperatures and environmental temperature probes, SentiLAN raised an alarm over a weekend when the air conditioning unit had clearly failed.

Internet downloads impact business data

This customer unfortunately does not have any traffic shaping capability on their Internet and VPN links. With SentiLAN we can quickly be alerted to over utilisation of bandwidth due to users carrying out large downloads / data streaming.

Power Outage During Bank Holiday

Mid-morning on a bank holiday we received a huge number of alarms from SentiLAN relating to a single customer site. The site was closed due to a bank holiday. We were able to quickly contact the power and telecoms providers and ascertain there were no known issues in that locale. Based on this evidence, someone was then able to visit the site and discovered a circuit breaker had tripped taking out the server room. If SentiLAN had not been monitoring that site, it would have been the following morning before the problem was discovered and the troubleshooting started.

Network Problems Stop Monitoring

We provide a number of sophisticated, application specific, monitoring tools for this pan-European manufacturing company. These tools monitor various different aspects of their production systems which are bespoke and proprietary to their business.

However, there was a concern about how to monitor the monitoring tools to ensure they were always executing - particularly because many of them are silent unless there is an issue.

Using SentiLAN Heartbeat, we were able to modify these tools to have them issue a tiny heartbeat e-mail each time they execute. SentiLAN then expects to receive these e-mails to a schedule and will trigger alarms if they do not arrive.

It is understandable that some configuration changes on a network that covers Europe can have an unplanned impact on some aspects of its operation. With SentiLAN we have been alerted to these changes and been able to implement the necessary steps to reinstate the monitoring.