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Custom Software Development

Exmos has been developing custom software solutions for its customers for over 18 years.

These solutions have ranged in size from the quick/simple MS Office Macro or simple databases through to Enterprise Class production systems running 24x7 across Europe.


We utilise the latest Dotnet toolset from Microsoft for our application developments. These mostly comprise ASP.NET web browser based solutions as this is very much the current industry trend.

However, we are equally at home creating traditional desktop (winforms) type applications, console based utilities and application services. It is very much a case of selecting the right environment to solve the problem at hand.

All of our source code is under the control and management of a commercial source control/versioning system.


Business Management

In the majority of cases we will be working with senior management, board members or owners. These people do not talk technical IT, so the discussions take the form of business problems. Exmos will then put forward a proposed solution having selected the most appropriate tools and technologies.

IT Development Teams

We also will often find ourselves working as part of or alongside the internal development teams at a customer. This is a different scenario where most likely some or all of the business analysis will have already been completed and we are then working on designing and implementing the technical solution.