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Although the world seems awash with software applications, it can still be very difficult (or sometimes impossible) to find one that fits the requirements.

Many companies still prefer to either have some of their software applications custom developed, or existing packages enhanced through customisation.

Basic Development

For example, at one end of the scale it can be as simple as avoiding someone keying data into spreadsheets for analysis each month. Instead that data might be extracted into a database and the reports generated automatically. That person can then be freed up to spend time analysing the results of the report instead of having to concentrate on generating it.

Microsoft Office itself offers many automation capabilities and sometimes business process can be improved by development of macro based solutions within Word, Excel etc.

Completely Bespoke Solutions

At the other end of the scale, there can be business or operational/production requirements that just cannot be purchased off of the shelf. The company's requirements can be very closely tied to their business or production methods and the computer software becomes part of what makes them competitive and successful in their industry. This then becomes the hand-crafted solution with no compromise - no modules they never use and no modules they wish it had.