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SQL Server

quote For us, it's pretty much a no brainer when it comes to choosing a database.

There would need to be a compelling reason not to use SQL Server - it really is that good. quote

Exmos Ltd

Exmos has been developing database solutions utilising Microsoft SQL Server since 1994 (v4.2) when we were using Visual Basic 3.0 as a development tool.

Since these early days of the product we have seen it become undoubtedly the premier database system on the Microsoft platform. The product has grown immensely in both performance and features since then and is now available in a number of different editions. These range from the miniscule editions such as SQL Server Mobile and Embedded through to the data centre edition at the top end. Importantly, SQL Server is also available in both free and commercial formats.

We have worked with both the free and commercial versions, albeit the majority of our development ultimately involves the commercial product. This is mostly due to the lack of some features in the free editions. However, there are still often times when the free version is the most appropriate.

Bespoke Application Development

We have developed a wide variety of applications both web based and forms based utilising SQL Server as the database engine. These range in size from the relatively modest (which still required a robust, reliable database) through to enterprise class production systems with over 100m records. Typically, these production systems demand 24x7 operation.

In many cases, we are responsible for the database design in its entirety. At other times, we may be developing against a customer's existing system, either solely or alongside their own internal development teams. We have also developed applications which run against commercial software applications (such as accounting, ERP etc) which utilise SQL Server for storage.

Some of these systems are described in our case studies section.

Database Administrator Role (DBA)

We often end up acting as DBA on the systems we have developed in their entirety. We also administer a number of third-party applications that our customers have purchased and utilise SQL Server as their database storage engine.

In this role, Exmos is responsible for the backup/restore of the databases as well as their ongoing health, capacity planning, performance tuning etc.