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About Exmos

Exmos has been designing and implementing IT solutions for a diverse range of organisations for over 18 years.

Those solutions are based on commercial requirements and deliver technical solutions to match.

With a reputation for innovative thinking, we regularly deliver emergency solutions to very urgent problems without having to resort to formal processes. We recognise that sometimes the customer really does just need a quick and dirty fix. Of course, that ad-hoc fix will often go on to become a full blown, carefully designed solution.

We have a long-standing experience of remote working, allowing us to operate equally well with customers on our door-step through to those several time zones and thousands of miles away.

Trusted Advisor

We are seen as Trusted Advisors by our clients. More often than not, they bring us business problems as opposed to IT requirements and place trust in us to put forward an appropriate solution (IT or otherwise). We are regularly called upon to liaise with other vendors on our clients' behalf when the need arises.

Practice What We Preach

As much as we possibly can, we run internally all the same equipment and solutions that we recommend, install and support for our clients.

When we take on new technologies, they come into our office for evaluation. Once we are satisfied with our initial evaluation, we start integrating them into our own network with a view to them becoming part of our day to day operation.

It is only once we are happy with that day to day operation that we start considering using that technology for our clients.

This means we are never out learning/experimenting on your business critical network (and it is surprising how many IT companies are happy to do this). It also means that by the time it ends up in a client's network, we will have most likely been through some scenario of a failure or a rebuild and various degrees of troubleshooting.

Business Processes

The varied backgrounds and experience of our team means that we know what’s needed to produce solutions that work for your business.


We have all the expertise to design and build solid, reliable security into your corporate network.

Data Backup and Protection

Efficient data backup is critical to the survival of your business. With many years of experience in supplying and setting up data backup solutions, we can choose the right backup hardware, software, and strategy for your business - ensuring your business-critical data is fully protected. Our experience means we can fully exploit the power of modern backup software to build an efficient, maintainable backup system.

Microsoft Windows

Windows Server and Windows Workstation (XP, Vista, 7) are all built upon the Windows NT platform. Exmos has been working closely with this operating system since it went into beta in early 1993 - that's over 16 years and a 6 year head-start on the most prevalent adoption period around the 1996 release of NT4.

Software Development

We have developed a hugely diverse range of custom software solutions for an equally diverse range of clients over the years. We work primarily with Microsoft development tools such as Visual Studio and SQL Server. Our experience with SQL Server dates back to the early 90's.