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Exmos Clients

The majority of our clients are privately owned companies ranging in size from around £1m turnover to in excess of £1bn turnover.

Over the years, we have also provided IT consulting services for a number of blue chip organisations. These organisations have contracted our services in order to solve specific problems as opposed to our general IT support/management services. Some of the clients and projects are listed below.

Our World Map shows the locations where we have clients or software applications running.

National Australia Group

General IT Consultancy

Standard Life Assurance Co

Software development

DC Thomson Group

Windows NT / SQL Server Clustering (Microsoft Wolfpack)

Royal Bank of Scotland

Software development

Scottish Courage

Software development

The Scottish Office

Software development

St Albans District Council

Disaster Recovery / Backup Strategy consulting

Chest Heart and Stroke

Software development

Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen

Software development

Central Scotland Health Care Trust

Microsoft Access /SQL Server consulting

Compaq Computer Corp

Software development

The Good Hotel Guide

Software development

Balfour Beatty

Software development (Win CE)

Hart Builders

Software development


SQL Server consulting