Keeping our finger on the pulse of your network means that we can identify IT issues and deal with them before they become showstoppers. Which is pretty reassuring when you think about it.

SentiLAN™ is our own technically innovative Remote Monitoring and Management platform, developed in-house by our team of experts. Because we created it ourselves, we have the flexibility to shape the platform to suit the individual needs of our customers and, better still, we keep developing it as technologies advance, constantly adding new features as well as improving existing ones.

IT networks are too complex – and, let’s face it, too critical to the smooth running of your business – to rely on manual monitoring. With SentiLAN™ working away in the background, you know that any problems will be spotted and fixed before you’re even aware they existed, you’ll have up-to-the-minute reporting whenever you need it and an asset management function that tracks all your warranties and renewals so you don’t have to.