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SentiLAN™ - Network Monitoring

quote Remember when we would go "back to the manual system" when the computer didn't work?

No-one has these manual systems any more.

The only option is to keep the network running
and running well. quote


Consider some safe bets to make about networks...

  • The majority of companies, small businesses and organisations with at least a handful of people will have a network.
  • These networks get more complex every year.
  • More things seem to become networked every year.
  • The dependency on these networks gets stronger every year.
  • When the network is not working properly, that is a major problem.

Network Health

Fortunately, as these networks get ever more complex, the ability to monitor them gets ever more sophisticated. The days of manually giving the server a quick check every week or month are long gone. The trick now is to see the problems before they happen, or at least know about them as soon as they do.


quote Businesses are now wholly intolerant of almost any system downtime.

We must work to predict the problems, not fix them after they
happen. quote

Exmos' SentiLAN allows us to closely monitor many different aspects of our customer's networks. This monitoring runs centrally in our offices, communicating with agents running on each of the networks.



SentiLAN monitors Windows and Linux servers for Memory, Processors, Page File (Swap), Disk Space, Services, Latency to server (from multiple locations) and Uptime.

Workstations can also be monitored if required.

VPN Monitoring

SentiLAN will monitor latency between offices connected by VPN.

Application Monitoring

SentiLAN monitors business critical applications by ensuring their services are running and that no memory leaks or CPU spikes occur on the server(s) they are hosted on.

As well as monitoring the key elements of Exchange Server operation, SentiLAN also does full e-mail roundtrip monitoring.

Website Monitoring

SentiLAN will monitor uptime of websites. Both public websites and internal websites are constantly checked for response time and uptime.

Internet Monitoring

SentiLAN can monitor internet link speed.

Network Devices

SentiLAN can also monitor printers, switches, routers, firewalls.


SentiLAN is developed internally by Exmos. We are constantly adding new monitoring elements to further improve our visibility of the networks we manage and our ability to identify and diagnose issues.