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Our consulting services take many different forms from specific consulting projects, to just informal discussions when we are out meeting our customers or talking with them on the phone.

Exmos has a clear strategy to make our customers' IT systems better. We are not just here to fix the problems. We have a very clear focus that the technology is here to serve the business and the better we can make it perform that role, the better it helps our customers.

We also do not just do technology for technology's sake.

For our core customers, the consulting process is very subtle. There are no long studies or large documents to prepare and read. It is much more a case of guiding them through the IT maze and identifying where new technologies are beneficial and have reached a price point where they are a feasible consideration.

More often than not, that process is done in the form of discussions during meetings.

Our more formal consulting projects tend to be for larger companies. In these cases, Exmos is usually contracted on the basis of our expertise in a specific subject.