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Managed Service - Domains/DNS

In the early days of managing our customers' domains and DNS, we ended up having to deal with a number of different ISPs, Domain Hosting companies and DNS management companies.

Not only was this a very laborious process, but it was fraught with problems. More often than not, domain/DNS changes were time sensitive and trying to manage a number of third parties to ensure this happened smoothly was close to impossible. Mistakes were also very time consuming to get fixed and we were often at the mercy of 5:30pm, or Friday's when things would then grind to a halt.

We took the decision a number of years ago to bring some of these elements under our direct control (DNS) and to place other elements with a partner that would specialise in that particular discipline (Domain management).

Our managed service comprises:

  • Primary trading/operating domains managed by an Exmos partner that specialises in domain management
  • Domains all registered in the name of Exmos' client leaving them with ultimate control
  • Non operating domains all managed directly by Exmos for renewals etc
  • DNS hosted on a combination of Exmos/Exmos partner DNS servers based in data centres
  • DNS Servers based in UK and Europe for maximum resilience
  • Primary DNS server is owned by Exmos and not on a shared service
  • Exmos has 24x7 direct control of DNS for time sensitive changes
  • Fixed Price