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Managed Service - E-mail Security

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Postini partnership

Our E-mail Security service is handled by one of the world's largest e-mail security providers - Postini. This is a cloud based solution, meaning no customer premise equipment is required.

Each e-mail (including any attachments) is scanned for spam, viruses and other general malware. This scan happens in real-time as the e-mail streams through the scanning servers and on to the customer server - so there is no hold up in the delivery of e-mail. Importantly, this means Postini do not store the e-mail messages on their own servers so there are no worries about confidential e-mail sitting on a third-party's machines.

In order to be efficient and accurate with spam detection, the more e-mail messages available for analysis the better. Postini scans in excess of 3 billion e-mail messages per day going to 15 million users in 50,000 organisations. They have an almost unprecedented visibility of what the spammers are up to at any time of the day.

Our managed service comprises:

  • Secure and proper configuration of your firewall/internal e-mail system
  • Configuration of Active Directory Synchronisation Services (if required)
  • Configuration of the service based on our experience and your requirements
  • Ongoing management/monitoring/support
  • Fixed Price