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Managed Service - Internet Connectivity

As we move more into providing our clients with redundant, load balanced firewall services via Stonegate, we were required to work with an ever increasing number of ISPs. In order to provide the most resilient service possible, we elected to contract some ADSL services directly between the client and the ISP and others between the client and Exmos.

The ADSL services we provide directly are via first class ISPs, which were carefully chosen based on their network design, performance and customer service. Those we recommend to our clients are of the same quality. Occasionally, our clients have their own ISP preferences and we work with them as required.

Our managed service comprises:

  • Supply of fully configured router
  • Single monthly bill covering the ADSL rental and all support costs
  • Link monitoring
  • Bandwidth usage monitoring
  • Regular ISP review relating to AUP/bandwidth management changes
  • Fixed Price