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Managed Service - Firewalls

The Firewall still represents one of the most critical elements of network security. Too often it is seem as a commodity product that merely needs to be plugged in and forgotten about.

In order to provide an effective level of security, the firewall needs to be monitored, reviewed and have all the necessary software/firmware updates applied.

The majority of Exmos' clients run the exceptional Stonegate firewalls which are managed through our centrally held Stonegate Management Console (SMC).

Our managed service comprises:

  • Link monitoring
  • Log monitoring/reviews
  • Regular rule/policy reviews
  • Reporting
  • Firmware Updates
  • Software Updates
  • Any liaising with the manufacturer on warranty replacement of hardware
  • Support
  • Fixed Price

We are also able to provide a custom Managed Service solution for other makes/model of firewall.