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Backup is one of the most crucial elements of network management and one that is often given only a token level of support and amazingly, sometimes no consideration at all.

People often look on the computer hardware as being the valuable bit of the network. After all, it's the part that expensive cheque was needed for. However, the business data is by far the most valuable part of the computer system. Hardware can be easily replaced, but the data and intellectual property that will have taken years to create is most likely, irreplaceable. It is therefore vitally important that this data is properly and frequently backed up.

There are countless reports and studies detailing the high percentage of companies that are unable to continue in business after suffering a disaster which resulted in the loss of their business data.

Exmos has been designing robust backup solutions for a number of years. These typically revolve around our preferred backup product (Backup Exec), but we have also worked with other products from time to time.

We can recommend and supply the necessary backup devices (tape drives, autoloaders etc) and usually implement at least a two stage backup of Backup-2-Disk and then Duplicate-2-Tape. On top of this, we will typically look at the available infrastructure and build additional backup resilience where possible. This will often comprise data replication to removable drives, other buildings or across the WAN to other sites.