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StoneGate Firewall/VPN


StoneGate Firewall delivers a fundamentally new and different approach to perimeter defence, providing not only network security but also true business continuity in an easily manageable solution.

Technical Details

Accurate Perimeter Defence with Flexible VPN Connectivity

StoneGate Firewall/VPN provides latest technology for perimeter defence. StoneGate's Multi-Layer Inspection allows the firewall to act as a packet filter, perform stateful inspection or application-level firewall, using whichever method that makes the most sense on a rule-by-rule basis.

StoneGate Firewall provides also a flexible, yet secure way to establish VPN connectivity from office to office and from office to mobile user.

Business Continuity

StoneGate Firewall/VPN allows securing all network elements required for business continuity.

  • High-Availability for Firewall. Set up a clustered environment out of the box without third-party solutions. Drop-in Firewall Clustering Technology allows you to "Drop" a cluster into the network environment without having to reconfigure existing switches or routers.
  • High-Availability for Business Servers. Server load sharing and health monitoring intelligence for server pools ensures availability and performance of business services.
  • High-Availability for Internet Connections. Stonesoft's unique patented Multi-Link Technology offers multiple parallel Internet connections and VPN connections across multiple ISP lines. Multi-Link VPN adds transparent failover to VPN tunnels, offering an advantage over other firewall/VPN combinations.

Ease of Management

  • StoneGate Management Centre makes the everyday management and configuration of StoneGate products easy and cost effective. It provides a unified and efficient management environment for StoneGate IPS, Firewall and VPN, and powerful tools for incident handling.
  • Log and alert browsing provide the administrator a comprehensive overview of a security event while the built-in reporting tool offers an overview on what has been going on in the network.

Why Stonegate

Exmos spent a considerable amount of time researching and evaluating the Stonegate solution against other options in the marketplace. Find out why it was a clear winner.