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How to SMS


We utilise our SMS platform for a number of support related tasks:

Log help requests by text message

This useful when there is no access to e-mail. We also find people using it when they have Internet connectivity issues abroad and it is cheaper to text for help than to call.

Rapid Broadcast

We can rapidly broadcast alerts to your key personnel at all affected sites. This is useful for network outages where it would take time to call every site and speak to every key person.

Out of hours updates

Not everyone has mobile e-mail, but many people like progress updates on their support issues out of hours. This is also particularly useful where an issue affects a group of people. We can keep them all easily updated by text message. Our engineers can then concentrate on resolving the problem rather than spending time phoning many people with an update.

Bespoke Projects

Lastly, we also utilise our SMS platform for bespoke development projects for our customers.


Send a text message to our SMS number (+44 7787 431531) containing the following registration message:

reg {space} {your e-mail address}

For example:

On receipt of your registration, we will validate your details and you will receive a confirmation message in return. This is a manual validation which takes place only during office hours.

Log a support issue

Once you have received your confirmation, you can then proceed to communicate with the help desk via text message.

To log a support call, text the keyword "help" plus a space and then your message.

help {space} {message}

For example:
help e-mail is not working

Send a General Message

Just text your message to our SMS number without any keyword at the front.