Having One Backup is Good, Having Two is Better.


When it comes to your factory, a good Business Continuity system, backed by a solid Disaster Recovery plan is vital.

We understand how important it is to keep production running and when it’s not, how urgent it is to get it back operational again. It’s not the same as e-mail being down and neither are the costs.

That’s why we’ve partnered with one of the best suppliers in the world for backup and business continuity systems - and why we specifically modeled what we needed around factories as well as business systems.

Read about why we chose Datto as our partner and how we use their solution to protect companies like yours.

Managed Datto Support

However, it’s not enough just to provide Datto devices to our customers. We provide a fully managed Datto Support Service which covers the ongoing operations, carrying out restores and where relevant, working with your own IT teams to help them manage their usage of it also. Of course, the daily operation of the devices is also monitored by SentiLAN so we can be sure that every single backup takes place and takes place successfully. If they don’t for some reason, our systems engineers tackle any issues as a matter of urgency because we understand how important business continuity is.