Every business is a potential “customer” for the cyber criminal.


Cybersecurity is no longer a buzzword, or something that affects only large, well-known businesses.

Security used to be about firewalls and anti-virus, with a bit of e-mail filtering thrown in.

In this day and age of the connected planet, these fundamental services need to be better than ever - more robust and ultra-reliable. We can no longer assume they “just work” and then ignore them for years. They need to be monitored, patched and re-configured on a regular basis.

But, even that isn’t enough.

Now we have to start looking at the possible vulnerabilities of every device connected to your networks and every person who uses them (and for what). They are all potential ingress points for malware - which can quite literally bring your company to its knees.

Data Theft is now in the headlines almost every week, so we have to start scanning the Dark Web to see if our customers have compromised user credentials and logins being made available.

We also can’t forgot the employees who need help to navigate this minefield. It can’t be their fault if we’ve not taught them what to watch out for, nor provided a decent level of security to protect them in the first place.

And if does go all wrong and something bad gets in, you must have a good plan in place to deal with it.