One badly chosen password, sold on the Darknet could be the key to your company network. How would you know?


It’s a well known fact that when it comes to passwords, people are lazy and naive. That same, single, password gets used everywhere.

So when somewhere like Linked-In gets hacked, everybody thinks “well, it’s just Linked-in - no big deal”. That’s until some friendly hacker or bit of malware tries to use it to access your company network and your employee uses the same password for both. Now, it’s not always as clean-cut as that, but it can be.

Tracking this sort of data theft and its subsequent availability for sale is very difficult. There are sites that can do it one email address at a time, but that’s not practical in the business world.

Instead you need something that can search for all your corporate email addresses, all based on your domain name.

We now have that capability and can quickly let you know how exposed you are.

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