Working with IT teams across the world on their mission to deliver Pain Free IT so they can focus on their business goals. #oneteam


To be the experts that organisations with business-critical IT need for the 21st Century. Together we create reliable, secure and innovative systems our customers can be proud of.


Think Security

You can’t do IT without thinking constantly about security.

Create Reliability

The core of what we do. It’s not enough to just fix things that break - they have to be made more reliable. We have adopted many aspects of Google’s SRE methodology, particularly around Automation, Documentation and Process.

Continually Improve

Everything has to be always getting better, be that our customers’ IT systems, our skills, our processes or our monitoring. #learn #learn #learn

Be Curious

Curiosity separates us from the rest. We want to know why it broke, so we can work towards it not breaking again, or at least be able to detect it’s about to break. “I wonder if…”

Have Empathy

Our excitement at getting to fix something that’s broken, will be your frustration that you can’t work. We always see things from your perspective - you just want to be able to work and technology is just a tool. It’s no more exciting than pens, pencils and rulers (which incidentally, always work).