The world is full of IT Support Companies - good and bad.

So why Exmos?


We recognise you’re a business, which sits above and beyond the IT systems you use to run it.

You have customers to satisfy, products and services to deliver, staff to keep happy, business admin to handle and costs to manage. IT helps with all of these, but without them, there’s no need for IT.

We’ve been writing business software for as many years as weve been supporting systems. That means talking and working with people like your owners, board and staff to help them make their business grow or operate more efficiently. We’ve been told that other IT support companies only care about what’s in the server room, or the equipment on someone’s desk and that it’s refreshing to deal with a company that sees beyond the technology.

We are passionate about providing Enterprise & Industry with the IT systems it needs to succeed in a challenging global market.

We’ve been delivering IT Support and Software Development services for over 27 years, across the globe, to a variety of market sectors.

With a long history of working with manufacturing and industrial processing companies we understand some of the unique challenges they deal with. However, we’ve also got customers in the finance, service and charity sectors.

We build long-lasting relationships with our customers, many of which are now in double digit years. Given they have very flexible contract terms, they stay with us because they choose to.


Meet our Management Team



Working with IT teams across the world on their mission to deliver Pain Free IT so they can focus on their business goals. #oneteam


To be the experts that organisations with business-critical IT need for the 21st Century. Together we create reliable, secure and innovative systems our customers can be proud of.


Think Security

You can’t do IT without thinking constantly about security.

Create Reliability

The core of what we do. It’s not enough to just fix things that break - they have to be made more reliable. We have adopted many aspects of Google’s SRE methodology, particularly around Automation, Documentation and Process.

Continually Improve

Everything has to be always getting better, be that our customers’ IT systems, our skills, our processes or our monitoring. #learn #learn #learn

Be Curious

Curiosity separates us from the rest. We want to know why it broke, so we can work towards it not breaking again, or at least be able to detect it’s about to break. “I wonder if…”

Have Empathy

Our excitement at getting to fix something that’s broken, will be your frustration that you can’t work. We always see things from your perspective - you just want to be able to work and technology is just a tool. It’s no more exciting than pens, pencils and rulers (which incidentally, always work).

Bringing your team and our’s together, to work as one.


It’s vitally important that your systems engineers, software developers and other IT members just see as as another part of their team. We’re never there to replace what they do (or them), but instead to bolster their resources.

Sometimes our additional resource is used to free up people on the internal teams from support issues to working on business projects - which help the business grow.

We’ve done this many times with companies large and small. It’s not really a process, but more a culture around how we work and how we act. That often starts with concerns around who or what we’re in to replace and invariably ends with the creation of a new, larger team of professionals with mutual trust and respect for what we all bring to the able. For us, it’s usually a fresh set of eyes and maybe some new skills. For you, it’s depth of systems and business knowledge along with a passion for your company. Combined, it’s powerful, especially as that knowledge starts to permeate around and we go on to build partnerships with your staff lasting years.

What happens in the team, stays in the team.