Is IT a driver for growth?


We work with forward thinking companies who see IT as a tool to help facilitate their growth. They want a support/services company that is not only prepared to jump on-board and work with them, but relishes the challenges it will bring. We love challenges.

Our Managed Enterprise IT Support Service is crafted around two types of customer.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Support

You have internal IT team doing desktop/employee support

You already have enough staff to justify creating an internal IT team to look after them. However, you want an external company to look after the infrastructure that runs the IT as well as Cybersecurity and Business Continuity. There will be some cross-over between your internal IT and us, which needs to be seamless and without drama. Our #OneTeam mantra is vital.

Enterprise IT Third Line Support

You have an internal IT team running everything

You already have a sizable IT team looking after both your employees and the IT infrastructure. However, your team is torn between keeping an ever more complex system running, while also delivering the all important business growth projects to help your company scale.

Having someone to work with them on support issues, while also keeping an all important eye on the day-to-day ebb-and-flow of the IT systems will release the resources you require to grow. By bringing in certified specialists, not just when there’s an emergency, you can grow your team without the overhead of more hiring.

Our #OneTeam mantra means your people will quickly come to see that we have their backs at all times.

Where We Cover?

As you might expect, we provided Managed IT Support Services to customers across the central belt of Scotland, covering Glasgow, Edinburgh, Falkirk/Grangemouth etc.

However, supporting those local companies is no different than supporting companies outside of our local area. As of early 2019, we currently provide support to around 100 sites across the world, covering England, most of Europe, many parts of the USA, South America, Russia and Asia. You can see where we work now and in the past on our coverage map.



Having One Backup is Good, Having Two is Better.


When it comes to your factory, a good Business Continuity system, backed by a solid Disaster Recovery plan is vital.

We understand how important it is to keep production running and when it’s not, how urgent it is to get it back operational again. It’s not the same as e-mail being down and neither are the costs.

That’s why we’ve partnered with one of the best suppliers in the world for backup and business continuity systems - and why we specifically modeled what we needed around factories as well as business systems.

Read about why we chose Datto as our partner and how we use their solution to protect companies like yours.

Managed Datto Support

However, it’s not enough just to provide Datto devices to our customers. We provide a fully managed Datto Support Service which covers the ongoing operations, carrying out restores and where relevant, working with your own IT teams to help them manage their usage of it also. Of course, the daily operation of the devices is also monitored by SentiLAN so we can be sure that every single backup takes place and takes place successfully. If they don’t for some reason, our systems engineers tackle any issues as a matter of urgency because we understand how important business continuity is. 


Every business is a potential “customer” for the cyber criminal.


Cybersecurity is no longer a buzzword, or something that affects only large, well-known businesses.

Security used to be about firewalls and anti-virus, with a bit of e-mail filtering thrown in.

In this day and age of the connected planet, these fundamental services need to be better than ever - more robust and ultra-reliable. We can no longer assume they “just work” and then ignore them for years. They need to be monitored, patched and re-configured on a regular basis.

But, even that isn’t enough.

Now we have to start looking at the possible vulnerabilities of every device connected to your networks and every person who uses them (and for what). They are all potential ingress points for malware - which can quite literally bring your company to its knees.

Data Theft is now in the headlines almost every week, so we have to start scanning the Dark Web to see if our customers have compromised user credentials and logins being made available.

We also can’t forgot the employees who need help to navigate this minefield. It can’t be their fault if we’ve not taught them what to watch out for, nor provided a decent level of security to protect them in the first place.

And if does go all wrong and something bad gets in, you must have a good plan in place to deal with it.



One badly chosen password, sold on the Darknet could be the key to your company network. How would you know?


It’s a well known fact that when it comes to passwords, people are lazy and naive. That same, single, password gets used everywhere.

So when somewhere like Linked-In gets hacked, everybody thinks “well, it’s just Linked-in - no big deal”. That’s until some friendly hacker or bit of malware tries to use it to access your company network and your employee uses the same password for both. Now, it’s not always as clean-cut as that, but it can be.

Tracking this sort of data theft and its subsequent availability for sale is very difficult. There are sites that can do it one email address at a time, but that’s not practical in the business world.

Instead you need something that can search for all your corporate email addresses, all based on your domain name.

We now have that capability and can quickly let you know how exposed you are.

Click the button below to request your free Darknet scan and report on your organisation.  


Custom Software brings a competitive advantage


Our software development team has created a multitude of systems over the years in a number of different industries. Most of our work lately has been around production systems.

We focus primarily around the Microsoft stack using technologies such as C#, Visual Studio and SQL Server. However, we’re also regularly off that well beaten path using open source technologies running on Linux platforms.

What’s really important, is that most of what we develop, we end up supporting. Sometimes across the world on a 24x7 basis.

There aren’t that many companies that have development and support capabilities. There are even fewer where these teams work as one, with our customers.

Our Customer Case Studies pages showcase some of the work we’ve done with customers.


SentiLAN is our eyes and ears


SentiLAN is our network monitoring, management and data analytics platform. It’s what we use to give us a detailed visibility into the operating levels of your IT systems. What’s OK and more importantly, what’s not?

We’ve been building this platform for years and like all things technology, it’s constantly evolving.

When you hear us talking about SentiLAN, it’s a combination of commercial software, open source software and best of all, our proprietary software developed in-house which makes it what it is.

We write our own data collectors, so there’s a good chance that if you need to monitor something and off-the-shelf software has no idea how to, we often can.