"We love helping companies with their business growth or operating efficiency
by working with them to deliver innovative, reliable and pain-free IT."

With a strong focus on the Industrial Processing and Manufacturing industries, we understand what’s required to keep your IT and OT environments operating reliably with each other, as well as supporting more traditional IT business environments.



Managed IT Support

Spearheaded by SentiLAN (our monitoring, management and data analytics platform) we believe our IT Support is right up there with the best, but our factory experience separates us from the rest.


Business Continuity, Backup & Disaster Recovery

We’ve partnered with the best to bring you a robust Business Continuity solution which is perfect for time-sensitive manufacturing and processing environments as well as business IT.



It’s no longer just firewalls and anti-virus, now we’re looking at vulnerability scanning, ransomware and the Darknet - none of which can be ignored.


Darknet Monitoring

There are many reasons, including GDPR, why you need to know if your employees’ credentials have turned up on the Darknet.


Software Development

We have a highly talented team of software developers who specialise in factory production software.