"Always On" is the only option

Our customer works in a sensitive, 24/7 business. It’s fast growing with hundreds of sites and personnel. We’ve been their strategic IT partner for more than 7 years.

We advocated using Datto to provide the kind of business continuity an ‘always on’ organisation needs. “We don’t need to spend all this money on something we’re never going to need” was the answer their CEO gave us. We begged to differ. The nature of their work means that their customers’ requirements can change quickly and they need to be able to respond accordingly.

They simply cannot afford for their systems to be unavailable.

Daily backups were taken and the company was operating a pretty tight ship when it came to cyber protection. They have taken a proactive role in disaster recovery planning but, as is often the case, it was difficult to move away from the concept of a ‘disaster’ being anything short of flood, fire or terrorism.

We gave them other, more probable scenarios, such as hardware failure, malware or sabotage and worked with them to determine the implications these could have. They realised that they needed something better and our Datto Managed Service was the solution.

This customer now has a suitably-sized Datto device on their premises which backs up both data and operating systems every 5 minutes. These are also backed up to Datto’s secure cloud in a way that doesn’t saturate the internet connection and affect user performance. This means that backups are available even if their office isn’t.

This hybrid-cloud combination meant that no matter what kind of problem the business encountered, they would be able to resume trading extremely quickly, from anywhere, with their customers encountering little or no visibility of any problem.

Five weeks after the installation of the system the company suffered a malware breach, resulting in all their files being encrypted. Thanks to Datto’s detection capability we detect the intrusion quickly and restored their entire system back from a major ransomware infection within 15 minutes. Staff were unaffected and unaware of the problem.

It’s sometimes difficult to justify ROI on something you can’t guarantee you’ll need, but without Datto, the impact would have been catastrophic for their business. Their CEO thanked us for insisting they put in a proper DR solution and has become an advocate in his business network for proper DR planning.

Technologies Used

Datto | SentiLAN