Saving Time, Saving Money

Our customer manufactures packaging for the world’s biggest brands and has over 80 factories worldwide with a combined turnover in excess of $7bn.  We've been working with them for over ten years, providing specialist 24/7 IT support as well as a diverse portfolio of custom software applications.  As their long-term development and support partner, we were able to step in and resolve a costly inefficiency. 

Collecting and analysing time spent on production set-up as well as downtime was a manual process for them – time-consuming, prone to errors and expensive in terms of Microsoft Office/Windows licensing costs.  Having identified this issue, our customer turned to Exmos for a solution.

We designed and developed an additional module for their pallet labeling system to handle the data collection for these key time metrics.  This data is transferred into their ERP system (SAP) where it is analysed to provide optimal staff resourcing and to give a better understanding of downtime patterns and causes.

As a result, line workers now have additional time to focus on production performance, while removing the rekeying and interpretation of handwritten notes saves our client $1,200,000 a year in costs.  What’s more, given our well-established working relationship with this organisation and our knowledge of their processes we completed the project, from concept to rollout, in under three months.

Technologies Used | SQL Server