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We’ve been providing highly specialist support to IT teams across the manufacturing sector and beyond for more than 25 years. Some of our customers operate globally, many operate 24/7 and they all expect us to be there for them when they need us.

Now supporting more than 100 sites, our monitoring software, SentiLAN™, is pulling in more than 4 million data measurements a day. We can’t afford to be offline. More importantly, our customers can’t afford for us to be offline.

We spent three years looking for a suitable business continuity solution, trialling several and rejecting them all. We wanted to integrate it with our monitoring software so that we would know if there were any problems we needed to know about. We have to be absolutely certain that our data is being backed up successfully, every time. Although other solutions offered some features, none of them offered as much as Datto. 

Our CEO came across Datto presenting on their technology at a tech conference in the US in 2014. On his return to the UK we did our due diligence on its origins and tested the device mercilessly. It held up on all Datto’s claims and we integrated it into our business later that year. 

Four years on and nothing has happened to make us question our decision. Datto has continued to grow and develop their offering and we work closely with them to let them know how hard we’re pushing their technology. 

We have suffered a major hardware failure and significant power interruptions but none of our customers were affected and, thanks to a rigorous business continuity plan that’s tested regularly, our team here at Exmos is able to switch to ‘business continuity mode’ quickly and efficiently. 

Another plus point is being able to test security and other operating system updates in a ‘sandbox’ environment by virtualising one of our devices. Because it’s a clone of the real system we can be sure that if it works in the test environment, it will work in the real one. 

One more thing - we don’t get Datto for free just because it’s part of our support offering to our customers. We have to pay for it just like they do. We know it’s worth every penny.

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